Parking Regulations - Appeals


Parking/Traffic Violation Tickets cannot be withdrawn or cancelled except through the prescribed appeal procedure. Appeal of any University parking or traffic violation will be heard and ruled upon at regular meetings of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee.

  1. Appeals must be submitted in writing or online ( to the Secretary, Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee, Trent Building, Trent Lane, University of Guelph within fourteen calendar days of the ticket’s issue. Unless otherwise specified, correspondence will be sent via email from the Appeals Committee. Arrangements can be made to have the correspondence sent to faculty, staff or graduate students at their respective department, or to the home address for undergraduate students.
  2. All parking and traffic infractions are subject to review. Requests may be assessed by Sustainable Transportation & Parking Services prior to review by the Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee. All decisions of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee ARE FINAL.
  3. A valid appeal may only be based on the contention that a violation was issued contrary to the Parking and Traffic Regulations or in error. Ignorance of the University of Guelph Parking and Traffic Regulations does not constitute grounds for an appeal.