2017-18 Personal Parking Permit Information

Parking Services & Transportation Planning

Date: April 2017
To: All Faculty & Staff
From: Parking Services & Transportation Planning, Trent Building, Trent Lane
Subject: 2017- 2018 Personal Permit Parking Permits

The Board of Governors have approved the parking rates which will come into effect on May 1, 2017. There will be an increase of 8.3% for the cost of our annual, commuting and residence parking permits this year.  Our annual parking permit pricing, as we move forward, will match the reduced rate employee monthly bus pass price negotiated with Guelph Transit.  Our focus this year is to address our growing deferred maintenance problems associated with our aging transportation network.  The projects listed below will all receive an extensive renovation which includes:  new asphalt, concrete, lighting, emergency call stations, landscaping improvements, storm sewer systems and safety related initiatives.  Funding will continue to be provided to the overall University Operating Budget.   Additional parking space will be constructed in P23/24 and P49.

Major Projects:

  1. P23/24 (MacDonald Lane)
  2. P49 & north section of Powerhouse Lane
  3. East Ring Road (entire length)

In addition, these other projects will be included in our 2017-18 construction activities:

  1. Campus Wayfinding Sign Project will continue
  2. Additional outdoor seating will be installed at strategic locations across campus
  3. Our annual asphalt & concrete maintenance/repair program will continue
  4. Improvements to accessibility (AODA) in our outdoor build environment

The University is committed to reducing the number of single occupant motor vehicle trips to/from campus. We actively promote the use of alternate modes of transportation including; walking, cycling and public transit.  Reduced rate employee bus passes for Guelph Transit remain available at our office on Trent Lane.  Information on our various transit providers is available at www.parking.uoguelph.ca.

Transportation Alternatives:

  1. Reduced rate parking lot – P18 on Dundas Lane and now in P13 on South Ring Road ($611.69/year)
  2. Book of 10 daily parking passes ($100.00) or 5 daily parking passes ($50.00).
  3. Carpool Program with a 30% reduction off premium price ($1023.64) for carpool areas located in P31 on South Ring Rd and P26 on McGilvray St.
  4. Paybyphone option available for daily flat rate parking in our perimeter lots and hourly at our parking meter locations.
  5. Employee reduced rate monthly Guelph Transit pass ($68.00).

All Permit rates include applicable taxes.


  Current 2016/2017 Proposed 2017/2018 Annual Change Current Monthly Cost Proposed Monthly Cost
Commuting $753.39 $816.00 $62.61 $62.78 $68.00
Premium $1462.34 $1462.34 $0.00 $121.86 $121.86
Residence (Sept - Apr) $333.20 $360.88 $27.68 $41.65 $45.11
Auxiliary (P13 & P18) $564.77 $611.69 $46.92 $47.06 $50.97
Service Vehicle $619.71 $619.71 $0.00 $51.64 $51.64

 If you do not wish to re-register for payroll deduction, please advise us in writing or email questions@parking.uoguelph.ca prior to April 24, 2017. Permits processed & sent to departments but not required will be charged $68.00 for the month of May.

PREMIUM PARKING PERMITS:  Application forms will be available from our office or will be sent to current personal premium holders via email. If you do not wish to re-register, please advise us in writing or email questions@parking.uoguelph.ca prior to April 24, 2017.

For those who do not wish to purchase parking permit(s) through payroll deduction, we accept payment by cash, cheque, credit card or debit card or online at www.parking.uoguelph.ca by Visa, MasterCard and Visa Debit. Appeals and citation payments are also available at www.parking.uoguelph.ca. Please update your vehicle information, address or phone number online.

Should you require any additional information, please call  us at extension 52118 or visit our new and improved website at www.parking.uoguelph.ca.

 Ian Weir, Manager
Sustainable Transportation & Parking Services


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